Biding My Time With Birdhouses

Doing projects to prepare for spring is one good way to beat the winter the blues. While in our shed the other day, I found a couple of gourds left over from a few years ago.  As you can see, they need a little work before a bluebird or sparrow will call them “home.”

To keep our garage clean, I sanded these gourds outdoors on our picnic table and removed its flaky outside skin.  Next, I used a pocket knife to make a hole (front door) for the birds.  As you can see, the hole isn’t perfectly round.  It doesn’t have to be for the birds to use it. (I tend to think that birds are like me and are suspicious of perfection.)

Using the pocket knife and a long screwdriver, I reamed the inside of the gourd to remove seeds and dried “tissue”.  It doesn’t have to be totally cleaned, but enough to give the bird some room to move around.

I drilled a hole beneath the house opening and inserted a 2″ dowel rod with a diameter similar to that of pencil. Be careful when you drill into the gourd because it can crack. You can see that happened to me with one of my gourds.  To keep the dowel in place, I hot-glued all around it.  Now the bird has a threshold to stand upon.  I also drilled two tiny holes opposite each other at the top of each gourd so I can later thread wire through them to secure the birdhouse to the tree.

Painting is the next step.  I need to see what it’s our garage that would be appropriate.  Check back later and see the final result!


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