Catalogs and Calculators

Last week, I couldn’t refrain any longer.  I had to order some vegetable seeds.  I pulled out the 17-18 seed catalogs that I’d received so far this year and began perusing the pages for deals on the best varieties.  When you place a seed catalog in front of me, I’m like a kid in a candy store.  I want one of everything!  But then I started tapping the calculator keys and I quickly realized that I needed a plan.

I made a list of what I wanted to grow this year, making note of what did and didn’t do well last year.  For instance, I bought some fancy (meaning expensive) zucchini seed last year that never produced, and I ended up replanting with black magic zucchini seed that I got pretty cheaply at the local hardware store.  The zucchini tasted great, too.  This year, I’m resisting the higher priced varieties on many vegetables.

Because of shipping and sales tax, I also didn’t order seed or plants that I can’t get locally.  Of course, “local” is a relative term.  Since we live 27 miles from our grocery store, I’m calling “local” everything within 50 miles of us.   I can get tomato plants locally, but I need plants that are especially resistant to blight, wilt, and all kinds of diseases.  I fight tomato disease every year, so I’ve ordered seeds that are resistant to as many diseases as possible.

Every year, I like to try something new in the garden.  This year, I’m trying tomatillos which I hope will be quite tasty in salsa.  Last year, I tried some peanuts and sweet potatoes, but the rabbits got both of them.  I’m going to be more vigilant this year and try them again.  The thought of sweet potato fries makes my mouth water.

So what about you?  Do seed catalogs make you daydream of tomatoes and watermelons?



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