Peat Pots Love Yogurt Cartons

Although the temperature got up to 62 degrees today in northern Missouri, it is only January 31st and winter is sure to make a comeback soon.  But if you plan on starting seeds inside this spring, it’s not too early to start saving your yogurt containers.  Yogurt cartons are great for holding individual peat pots.  They catch water and soil from hitting your table and you can label them using a felt tip marker.

The only yogurt container I’ve found that doesn’t work for holding peat pots is the Yoplait brand.  Its opening is too narrow.  Also, only round peat pots work rather than square ones. I have tried to make a square peat pot fit into a round yogurt carton, but let’s say it’s less that optimal.

Perhaps you have found some containers that work just as well.  I’d love to hear some new ideas.


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