Garden Journal

The purpose of winter is to plan your spring garden! As our latest snowfall melts here in northern Missouri, I am creating my 2012 Garden Journal.  As a log of my garden’s successes and failures, it will make a handy roadmap next winter when I plan for my 2013 garden.

My first entry is a list of my seed/plant orders so I can track where I got my seeds from and if I’m expecting some plants and sets that will arrive later at their appropriate planting time for my area.  I’ve already received all of my orders except the peanut and sweet potato plants and the Yukon Gold potato sets.

On the second page, I listed the seeds I have purchased at our local stores and the free seeds that I received with my catalog orders.  Listing these out is helps me to decide what additional seeds I want to purchase locally.  A 3 x 5 card makes a handy shopping list.  You never know when you might run into a seed sale!

I”ll post other additions to my garden journal as I make them.


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