The weather is warming up a bit and it’s making everyone itchy for spring.  It’s still too early to plant, but lots of other chores can be done to prepare your trees, garden, and yard for the growing season.  Pruning and applying dormant spray to fruit trees and bushes are a couple of those chores.  The temperatures in northern Missouri have been in the 40’s, which is fine for spraying.  Finding a day that isn’t windy has been more of an issue than finding a temperature above 40 degrees.  I’d like for the trees to be saturated with spray and not me!

I used Bonide’s All Season Dormant Spray Concentrate and after reading directions on the back label, decided upon a 3% concentrated solution to spray on our pear and apple trees, cherry bushes, and ornamental shrubs.  I mixed 7 1/2 Tbs of concentrate with 1 gallon of water.  Click on the Bonide link above for specific directions and information on applications.  I marked the calendar when I sprayed to ensure there will be at least two weeks before I spray again.

Spring is just around the corner! It’s so nice to do a few outside chores again.  Happy Spraying!


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