Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs

Last week, the hyacinth bulbs I had forced provided a natural aromatherapy.   The combination of beauty and amazing fragrance makes forcing hyacinths a real treat and a great way to beat the winter blues.  The trick is to plan ahead.

  • In September, place newly purchased hyacinth bulbs in a brown sack and set in the crisper section of your refrigerator. The bulbs need a cool, dark area to spend their “winter.”
  • In January, place your bulbs in a container with potting soil.
  • Water and set in a sunny place where the bulbs will think spring has sprung.
  • In a couple weeks, your bulbs will poke their heads through the soil.  Continue watering and watch as they bring spring to your home.

Mark your calendar now so that in September, you will get your hyacinths ready for 2013.  Next winter when the snow is falling and the north wind is blowing, you’ll enjoy springtime in your house.


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