Good Fences Make Good Neighbors


Last year, rabbits and groundhogs destroyed my sweet potatoes and peanuts.  I may have forgiven them over the winter, but I haven’t forgotten.  I need to fortify our garden fence without spending a fortune.  My husband and I brain-stormed about what materials we already had that would deter varmints.  It just so happens that we saved some metal panels that a ferocious wind or microburst blew off of our combine shed last spring.  My husband nailed them to the bottom half of our garden fence which should prevent rabbits from slipping inside the garden. 

I’m not as confident about the groundhogs.  I’m afraid they might climb over the fence, but I’m hoping they will be too lazy to do so.  I need a Plan B devised just for industrious wise-guy groundhogs!  I’m open to suggestions.


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