Frost Bitten Plants

You never know what  kind of weather Missouri springtime will bring.  This spring has been very warm and the grasses, weeds, and flowers have been growing and blossoming like crazy.  That’s wonderful until Jack Frost makes a surprise appearance like he did last week when the temps dropped to 27 degrees for a couple of consecutive nights.

My butterfly plants, that were growing so heartily, got nipped and don’t look quite so robust now.  Wounded is how I’d describe them.  So what do I do?

  • After the temperature has warmed above freezing, give them a drink of water.  It will assist with healing.
  • Although it breaks my heart to see their wilted and dying leaves and stems, I must refrain from pruning until there is no chance of frost again.  If it frosts again, these dead areas could actually protect the plant.
  • Do not fertilize for a few weeks.  Fertilizing will stimulate leafing which adds stress.  Let the plant rest and heal.

In addition to profusely apologizing to my butterfly plants for not covering them, I’m going to follow these rules to help them heal. Hopefully, they will make a full recovery and will once again look as beautiful as they did last summer.


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