This is the time of year when caution should be taken before smelling that aromatic flower lest your nose finds a bee in it.  I’ve been so pleased to see many bees in our area this spring.  Our zucchini in particular suffered from the late arrival of bees for the last couple of summers.

Here are few interesting facts about bumblebees:                                                               

  • They have specialized “baskets” on their back legs for carrying pollen.
  • Their buzzing sound comes from the vibration of their wing muscles and not from their wings brushing against one another.
  • Some plants, like red clover, rely almost exclusively on bumblebees for pollination.

And finally, I learned this painful fact when I was about 4 years old and running around barefooted and in shorts near a small chicken house:

  • Bumblebees nest under old boards, underground mouse nests/burrows, trash heaps, or brush piles.

They are certainly a fascinating and important garden helper.



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