Rattle Some Cages

Rattling cages is probably not what your boss and co-workers want you to do at work, but it’s not a bad thing to do in the garden to facilitate tomato pollination.  Tomatoes are self-pollinators, in that they have both male and female reproductive organs.  Usually, the wind and bumblebees help spread their pollen, but occasionally the humidity may be too high and the pollen will stick.  Just a little shake of the tomato cage can help dislodge the pollen.  It doesn’t need to measure on the Reichter scale, just a nice jostle.  It’s easy to do and hopefully will increase your tomato production.


Here is a picture of the sweet potatoes.  Remember how  pathetic the plants looked when I planted them a few weeks ago?  They snapped out of it and are doing well.  Now, if I can just keep the moles from cutting their roots…


2 thoughts on “Rattle Some Cages

  1. I may try this with my zucchini. They start to grow then stop. Are they not pollinating again this year.
    Or is it just the hot weather. So I pick whatever I can get even if they’re of any size.

    • Sometimes the first few zucchini don’t fully grow but then the subsequent ones “kick in” and mature like they should. However, I blame the bees on not getting to the plants and pollinating them. My zucchini are doing the same thing yours are–not growing out. I haven’t had as much bee activity in the garden as I normally do. We may have to hand pollinate.

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