Sweet Corn Woes

Every year there is at least one crop that gives me the blues and this year it’s sweet corn.  Actually, sweet corn  breaks my heart every year. Before we put a metal gate fence around this garden, the deer grazed on our sweet corn and beans.  Last year, we successfully fenced out the deer, but the raccoons made a couple of midnight raids and wiped out our entire harvest.  The garden is so large, it’s difficult to justify the cost of an electric fence to keep them out.  We’ve tried repellents and extermination methods, but they obviously have us outnumbered.

I should wave the white flag, right?  Oh no.  Hope springs eternal in this gardening heart and I planted sweet corn again because I knew it would be different this year.  And it was.  This year before the corn had a chance to tassel, either a raccoon or a skunk knocked down the stalks and chomped on them.  I didn’t see any worm damage, just bite marks.  Every morning for a week I found corn stalks beaten and bitten until only a half dozen stalks remained standing.

I’m not sure who should receive my wrath:  the raccoons, oppossums, or skunks.  We have a plentiful supply of all three.  The fact that they struck before the ears were formed is baffling.  I may need to install a game camera so I can see who is vandalizing the garden at night!


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