A few weeks ago, I commented to my husband that our tomatoes had so much more flavor this year.  I assumed it was due to the Celebrity and Abe Lincoln Hybrid varieties we had planted.  Later, when we cut into our Sangria watermelons, we were blown away with how sweet they were.  This is the first year we’d tried the Sangrias and they are the best ever.  As it turns out, the tomato and watermelon varieties may not deserve all the credit.

I did some investigating and found out that the drought is most likely responsible for the extra sweetness.  Since there was a shortage of moisture, fruits are smaller and not as juicy making the sugars less diluted and more potent.  The drought should make this a very good year for wine growers.

This summer we did have a few misshapen melons which we have never had before.  As you can see below, the stem end is narrower than the rest of the melon’s body.  It could be due to inconsistent watering or it didn’t get properly pollinated by the bees.  In our case,  I tend to attribute it to inconsistent watering because I’ve seen hordes of bees working in the garden.

I was glad to discover that this year’s drought has at least one redeeming feature.  I hope your garden harvest has been as sweet as ours this year!


2 thoughts on “OUR SWEET DROUGHT

  1. Your watermelons are wonderful. I was surprised as to how much water was in them for just a dry year. Good job. I can’t wait to get more.

  2. I’m so happy and relieved the watermelons were ripe. I’m not confident in my “ripe watermelon detection skills” yet–but so far, so good this year.

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