Lotus Plants or Water Lilies?

I took a picture last July of what I thought were a dense patch of water lilies on our pond.  But upon further investigation, I discovered that they were lotus plants which are different from water lilies.  One distinction between the two is that the flower of the water lily is usually floating on the water.  Below is a closer look at the plant.

While the leaves of the lotus float on the water, the flowers and seed pods are on tall stems.  The seed pods look like shower heads and are separate from the flower.  The pollen from the flower pollinates the seed pods. The holes in the “shower head” pod contain dark brown seeds that are round like pebbles.

The exotic look of the dried seed pods make them popular in flower arrangements.  I used them this weekend with zinnias for a centerpiece.  I have some more that I’ve placed in my house plants to spice up their look.  Below is a picture of my zinnia arrangement.  It’s looking a little ragged after a fun weekend.


2 thoughts on “Lotus Plants or Water Lilies?

  1. You can, although I’ve never tried it. I get a weekly e-newsletter from Dave’s Garden and here is a link to an article they had written about growing them in containers. http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/3338/
    The lotus plants on our ponds are so prolific that they are about to take it over. We need to find an inexpensive and non-toxic means of thinning them out…if that’s possible.
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I hope this article helps.

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