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Last Rose of the Season

Since the overnight temperatures were forecasted to dip belowing freezing this weekend, my husband and I pulled up the tomato cages and tossed old vines and rotten pumpkins over the fence.  It’s always sad to see another gardening season end.  When we returned to the house, I noticed one last rose was blooming.  It’s our Adolf Horstmann, a yellow hybrid tea rose, that we’ve had for about three to fours.   He’s hardy, requires little care, smells wonderful, and is beautiful.  No wonder he’s my favorite!

After a summer of drought and scorching heat, “Adolf” was determined to produce one more rose before he retired for the winter.  This rose is now sitting on our kitchen table and every time I look at him, I think about great our next spring will be.



Sweet Potatoes

I always thought that a yam and a sweet potato were the same thing.  Wrong.  Sweet potatoes are often called yams, but they are different vegetables.  Sweet potatoes are short and blunt while yams are long and tuberous.  Sweet potatoes are sweet whereas the yam is dry and starchy.  A sweet potato is full of vitamin A and beta carotenes, but the yam is not nearly as nutritious.  Finally, yams are mostly imported from the Caribbean.  (There are other differences such as the chromosome numbers, but let’s not go there.)

The U.S. Dept of Agriculture requires that all cans labeled as “yams” must also have “sweet potato” written on the label, too.  Check it out when you’re grocery shopping for Thanksgiving