Gild Your Gourd

I had some extra room in our garden last spring, so I planted a few “mixed” gourd seeds waited to see what kind would spring up.  The drought was very hard on them and for a while I didn’t think they were going to produce.  But they did! And I got five gallon bucketfuls of little pumpkins and pear-shaped gourds! I gave a few away, but I still had an abundance and no clue as to what I could do with them.

However, an opportunity presented itself last week.  I’m on our local Shakespearean Circle’s Christmas Dinner Committee and we need to come up with, among other things,  holiday decorations.  Since Elizabethan Christmas decorations include gilded fruit (and lots of greenery), I thought I’d guild our gourds rather than fruit.

Gilding turned out to be super easy.  I washed and dried the gourds and then spray painted them with metallic gold spray paint.  They didn’t need any fancy designs…just gold.  And as you can see, they look great with greenery.  If you’d like to fancy up your holiday decorations, just gild your gourds!

Happy Thanksgiving!                                                      


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