Yes, Deer Are Beautiful But…


There is no denying that deer are beautiful, but when they destroy our bushes, fruit trees, and vegetables I lose my appreciation and temper.  The deer have been exceptionally destructive at our place since last summer.  Although I have no sources to back this up, I believe the drought is what’s driving them to chew everything in sight. Look at the damage they have done to our althea (Rose of Sharon) and red twig dogwood.

Injured Althea

Injured Althea

mauled red twig dogwood

mauled red twig dogwood

Thanks to the drought and the deer, I know we’ll be replacing many shrubs and trees in the spring.  I’ve already begun perusing the garden catalogs for possible replacements.  The colorful photographs make me want to buy one of everything, but not everything will thrive or even survive at our place. It’s just as important to find plants that are distasteful to the deer as it is finding plants that are compatible with our growing zone. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say that a deer will never chew on a plant because like people, they aren’t always predictable.

For a good list of flowers, shrubs, herbs, and trees that deer seem less likely to damage, check out  The extra research may make the wildlife around your home seem downright innocent!

spring deer


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