Think Spring

Bee in Crocus

What do gardeners do when the windchills hover around zero? This gardener thinks about spring and dreams of crocus and daffodils.  With a wicked north wind making our teeth chatter, my husband and I drove to a local hardware store earlier this week and bought a few seeds and a hyacinth blooming kit.

The kit contained only two items:  an hour-glass shaped vase and a hyacinth bulb.  The instructions were also simple.  Fill the vase up to its neck with water. Set the bulb in the vase but make sure the bulb is not sitting in the water.  Place the bulb/vase in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area.  When the hyacinth is about 3″ tall, bring it out to the sun.  If the bulb hasn’t already begun sprouting, it may need to be in the dark for 10 weeks or so. Pictured below is what my hyacinth looks like. (The weird image in the bottom of the vase is a reflection of the window and blinds.) I’m keeping it in our pantry.

hyacinth kit

I got the kit two days ago and, as you can see,  its roots are already starting to grow.


closeup of hyacinth bulb

It will still be winter when it finally blooms in a few weeks, but thanks to our hyacinth, our house will look and smell like spring.


white hyacinth


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