Phil Says…

                                                                                       Seney Wildlife Refuge, Michigan

According to Punxsutawney Phil, we won’t have to wait six weeks for spring to arrive.  I know that’s not Phil in the picture, but a photograph of Squirrelly Shirley is the closest I have to that of a groundhog.

Will you be ready when spring appears?  I’m reviewing my garden journal from last year to see how I need to prepare.  This month I will be:

  • Ordering Seeds
  • Buying seed starter soil
  • Buying peat pots
  • Collecting yogurt containers to put peat pots of seedlings in
  • Diagramming my vegetable and flower gardens to plan where to plant seeds, plants, and bushes
  • Applying dormant spray to fruit trees and bushes (mid-Feb)
  • Pruning grape vines (end of Feb)

Jan 2013 snow

It may be cold and snowy now, but soon it will be time to fire up the tillers and sharpen the hoes.  Right, Phil?


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