A Tussie Mussie for My Valentine

Tussie Mussie

A tussie mussie?  Isn’t that one of those drinks with an umbrella in it?  Actually…no. A tussie mussie is a flower arrangement where the flowers are selected for the meanings they convey.  The flowers may be fresh, silk, or dried and are most usually small, handheld bouquets, although they can also be table arrangements.  Resources which list the meanings of flowers are plentiful.  Here are a few common flowers and their meanings:

Red Poppy      Pleasure

Lilac                First love

Rose                Love, simplicity, happinessred rose 7/2011

Cosmos           Harmony, peace

Zinna               Friendship

Marigold         Pain and grief

Mint                Suspicion

Sweet Peas      Safe travel

Yellow tulip    Hopeless love

Since not all resources agree as to the meaning of various flowers, most tussie mussies contain a card explaining the significance of each flower in the arrangement.   After all, you don’t want your loved one to think that yellow tulip means pain and grief!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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