Preparing Your Garden for Christmas

christmas picture

I know, we just had Christmas but it’s never too soon to start planning what gifts you’d like to give in December.  It’s hard to find presents that both fit your budget and suit your friends’ and relatives’ tastes. Homemade gifts are always welcome because they are unique and come from your hands and heart.

If you plan to give gifts from your garden, you may need to plan and get your seeds now.  But what could come from the garden that would be suitable for Christmas?

Luffa:  These gourds make great sponges for use in the shower. They require a long growing season, so you’d need to start them early.

Salsa:  It’s fun to try different recipes and ingredients. For a change, I want to grow tomatillos for salsa this year.

Relishes:  There are so many different types using cucumbers, or zucchini, or green tomatoes. A relish variety pack would make a great gift.

Pickles: Sweet or dill, homemade pickles are loved.

Canned Tomatoes:  It sounds like a strange gift, but a can of home-grown tomatoes in the middle of winter is a real blessing whether it’s used in soup, chili, or eaten right out of the jar.  It’s a taste of summer during the “bleak mid-winter.”  tomato jar

Zucchini or pumpkin bread: These can be baked in the late summer and frozen for later.

Painted gourds: The possibilities with gourds are endless.

Roasted pumpkin seeds: Fun snacks to eat while watching bowl games.

Sunflower seeds: They can be snacks for people or for the birds.

Jams and jellies: They are always a favorite.

This is such a short list of the Christmas gift possibilities, but hopefully it will provide a few ideas when you order your seeds in the next few weeks. With a little planning, your garden gifts will be a hit at the Holidays.  Don’t be surprised if your friends and family return your glass jars with a note requesting a refill.


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