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About a week ago when the temperatures were in the 60’s and 70’s for a few days, I caught a bad case of gardening fever.  I planted onions, potatoes, carrots, and lettuce in our barn garden.  A couple of days later, it snowed. It didn’t accumulate, but nonetheless it was insulting.  Fortunately, the onions and the rest of the planted veggies didn’t mind.

onion rows 2013


The temperatures are back up in the 70’s again today and tempting me to put more seed in the ground.  I’d love to plant some beans and sweet corn, but I really need to wait until the soil temperature is about 60 degrees.  I’ve heard on the local radio farm reports that the soil temperature in our area is anywhere from 50-55 degrees, so I need to be patient.  Besides, a cold week with highs in the 40’s is forecasted for us.  I’ll just have to be content for now with tending to the tomato seedlings that are growing in our bedroom window.

tomato seedlings 2013



I wish you all good weather and happy gardening!