Seed Inoculant

Seed Inoculant Package

The weather finally cooperated enough for me to plant our beans this week.  I planted three varieties:  Jade (green bean), Peregion and Bumble Bee, both dry bush beans.  Trying new plant varieties is one of my gardening pleasures and Peregion and Bumble Bee are both new to me.  Peregion is a small, mocha colored bean and Bumble Bee is as large as a Lima and is mostly white with a splotch of brown. Both are very pretty.

The directions on the packages of the dry beans suggested using an inoculant to increase their yield.  An inoculant is often used on legumes such as peas, beans, lentils, and clover seeds to add a bacteria that forms on their roots.  This bacteria helps the plants convert nitrogen from the air into fertilizer which in turn increases yields. This is the bag of inoculant I purchased at our local hardware store. This small packet is enough to treat 8 lbs of seed.  I had less than a pound of seed to treat, so I had plenty.

Seed Inoculant Powder

I put a small amount of the powdery inoculant in a plastic bowl and added just enough non-chlorinated water to make a slurry. I added my seed and mixed it. I wore gloves when I planted the seed.

Seed & Slurry

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a good yield!


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