Beans, Beans, Beans


Peregion beans (bag)

Part of the fun of gardening is trying new vegetables.  While the snow is blowing outside in January, I love to peruse the gardening catalogs and check out the varieties of all kind of plants. I’m particularly fascinated with colorful dry beans.

Last year, I grew Yin Yang dry beans which are beautiful, black and white beans.  They were very tasty when cooked with ham, although I was disappointed that they lost their color when I cooked them.Yin Yang

This year, I tried two varieties: Peregion and Bumble Bee.  The Peregion are very colorful coming in black, striped, and brown.  We slow-cooked them with ham last week and they tasted wonderful. In taste and size, they remind me of a pinto bean.  I was so happy that they retained their colors when I cooked them. Peregion Bean (loose)

The Bumble Bees didn’t fare as well as the Peregion in during our August “flash drought”.  We didn’t get very many beans and they were about half as large as they should have been.  Most of that was my fault because I didn’t water them as often as I should have.  We haven’t eaten them yet so I’ll have to wait to give a taste review.  But as you can see, they are a very pretty bean with a dark red spot on its pure white body.Bumble Bee

All in all, I was pleased with our dry beans and had so much fun growing them. Hmm, I wonder what beans I should try next year…


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