Feeling Like a Nut…a Peanut

Virginia Jumbo Peanuts

As  I peruse my garden catalogs in the dark, cold nights of January, “hope springs eternal” in my heart and I’m ready to re-plant past failures, such as peanuts. Two years ago, the gophers or moles made a run right through the middle of them and gobbled them up.  Last year, a rabbit ate the green leafy plants to the ground.  Despite those troubles, I couldn’t resist ordering a package of Virginia Jumbo peanuts.

North central Missouri had a cool, late spring this year.  It even snowed about 7-8 inches on May 2. On May 11, as soon as the snow had melted and I could work the ground, I planted the peanuts.  My husband had reinforced our garden fence and the gophers weren’t as active, so the peanuts did well this summer.  Below is a picture of them taken on October 1st.

Leafy Peanuts

When the leaves began to yellow, I pulled up a plant and found that the peanuts were mature.  I pulled all the plants on Oct 19th and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the plants came out of the ground.  I thought I’d have to dig them like potatoes. I knocked the dirt off the peanuts and let them dry for a couple of weeks before I roasted them.

Dug Up Peanuts

I roasted them in the oven with their shells on at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, turning them over every five minutes or so.  After cooling, they’re ready to eat.

Perseverance paid off with the peanuts this year.  The third time was the charm.  Below is a picture of my reward.  Sort of looks like a bucket of gold, doesn’t it?

Bucket of Peanuts


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