Paperwhites, My Winter Friends

15" Paperwhites

Remember the paperwhite bulbs I found on sale after Christmas?  Here they are almost four weeks later. As you can see, they sprouted up so nice and tall at 15 inches. An added benefit is that I can smell their sweet scent while sitting on our couch which is nine and a half feet away.  They make our living room look and smell like spring!

paperwhite closeup

I’ve been so happy with them that I snatched up an amaryllis bulb that was on sale at Lowe’s.  Here it is, all potted up and ready to grow.  It should be blooming in February.  With any luck, maybe we’ll have some crocus blooming in March…outside!

Amaryllis bulb

Think warm, spring thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Paperwhites, My Winter Friends

  1. I’m so happy your paperwhites are blooming! Aren’t they a welcome sight in the middle of winter? I hope you’ll enjoy their spring-like fragrance, too. Thanks so much for sharing.

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