Recycling a Shower

Barn Garden 6/1/13

We created a great little garden a few years ago that used to be part of our barnyard. As you can imagine, the soil is fertile and after hacking away at the clay soil of our other garden, this compost is such a pleasure to work with. However, (isn’t there always a however?) the ground is not level and after a heavy rain, a few plants or seeds drown or wash away.

barn garden drain inside

When we replaced a bathroom shower last December, an idea clicked. We could dig a trench and line it with pieces of our old shower. Okay, it sounded a little redneck, but the price was right. This spring, my husband and I dug a trench and then lined it with the shower pieces he had cut to fit. We snugged up the pieces with dirt and filled in where needed with gravel from outside our barn. The hardest part was creating a smooth decline for water to flow on out through the fence and the garden. This involved digging a trench outside the garden as well as inside. Once the digging was finished, we added wire to the bottom of the fence to keep the garden rabbit-proof.

barn garden drain outside

We received about an inch of rain yesterday and so far, so good. The water is draining just as we’d hoped. I plan to fine-tune it a bit, but I’m calling it a success.

This is the season for heavy rains.  Anyone else having drainage issues???


2 thoughts on “Recycling a Shower

  1. Terry-o, your “shower trench” isn’t redneck. It’s repurposing, which apparently spell-check does not recognize as a legitimate word:) P.S. Happy Easter!

  2. Hey Paula! I’m afraid at our house the line between repurposing and redneck is very blurry–especially when I get one of my “great” ideas. We wish you and your family a wonderful Easter, too.

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