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Orchid Memories and Orchid Varieties

phalaenopsisOrchids are not only beautiful, but they may also trigger a wonderful memory. When I was a child, my mother always wore an orchid corsage to church on Easter Sunday. My brother would pick it up on Saturday from the nearest florist (twenty miles away), and it would be stored in the side door of the refrigerator. It was pinned on Mom’s dress after she had secured her hat with bobby pins and before she slipped on her cloth gloves.

I have the most common orchid variety, the Phalaenopsis, not the type Mom wore as a corsage. For a wonderful look at the mind-blowing number of orchid types, check out a compendium of the orchid family created by FTD.

Have fun checking out the amazing photographs. Perhaps it will trigger some lovely memories, too.



Add Orchids to Your Christmas Decor


When you think of Christmas flowers, chances are poinsettias are the first one to come to mind. It used to be they came in either red or white, but now they are available in pink, blue, lavender—a variety of colors, and adorned with glitter. Other traditional holiday flowers include Christmas Cactuses with their beautiful pink blooms and amaryllis that come in cheerful reds, pinks, whites, and stripes. If you’re looking for a last minute gift, many are on sale right now.


Christmas decor

Actually, it was a great sale that led me to purchase my favorite Christmas flower of 2014: an orchid. I happened to be at a Home Depot a couple of weeks ago and found phalaenopsis orchids for $5 each. I used great self-restraint and bought only two. At first thought, orchids and Christmas don’t seem to mix. But I believe beautiful flowers of any variety will accent any occasion or season.

white phalaenopsis


purple phalaenopsis
If you have some orchids on sale in your area, don’t wait to buy them until after the holidays because they don’t seem “Christmasy.” Perhaps a flower that stops us in our tracks is just what we need during the Christmas rush.

christmas orchids

May the peace of Christmas be in your hearts and homes.