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tulips/crocus 2014


It’s here!  Spring has officially arrived!  Now, would someone please take snow out of our weather forecast for Monday???  Some of our spring flowers are peeking through the old grass only to receive a cold reception this week.

The moment it officially turned spring on Thursday, I planted some Black-Seeded Simpson and Buttercrunch lettuce in a couple of containers.  Although I knew the weather forecast, I couldn’t wait any longer. I placed a black plastic trash bag over the container to absorb and preserve warmth for germinating the seeds. I’m hoping the snow days will be over when the lettuce pops up. The metal screen around the tub is to keep groundhogs, rabbits, and cats from eating and digging in it.

Tub for Lettuce

Although the air is still crisp and brisk, it’s great to be back outside!  Just ask Kitty!

Kitty 2014