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Orchid Care Guide

moth orchid

Because I’ve been so taken by the beauty of orchids but have been a bit intimidated by how to care for them, I’ve written two previous posts about them. Well, here’s a third post. Proflowers has been kind enough to share a link to its orchid care guide that is condensed, practical, and user-friendly. I love the guide and I think you will, too. Below is an introduction Proflowers has written about orchids and the link to the orchid care guide.

 white phalaenopsis

Orchids have gotten a reputation for being difficult to care for, but with proper consideration of their natural environments they can be easier than you think! They generally grow in the tree tops of humid rain forests so make sure your home has adequate air flow, sunlight and humidity. If you are looking for specific care requirements for your orchid, consult this Orchid Care Guide by Proflowers. They also include tools for easy orchid care, basic requirements and best orchids for beginners.  

Thank you, Proflowers.  It’s my sincere hope this will help everyone enjoy their beautiful orchids for a long, long time.